Empowering Families 

Changing Lives​

transforming our community

Mission Statement

Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center is a not-for-profit agency that seeks to provide resources and assistance to individuals and their families that will empower them to live a successful and purposeful life.


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A Summer to Remember with 8 weeks of Fun!

Week 1   -  Aquatic Adventures. Explore the underwater world

Week 2  -  A Bug’s Life. Go on a bug hunt through the property

Week 3  -  Going Green. See all the different ways that of going green 

Week 4  -  Forest Frenzy. Experience all things forests

Week 5  -  America the Beautiful. Come celebrate the natural beauty of America for the 4th of July

Week 6  -  Where the Wild Things Are. Play games, conduct                experiments and go exploring to learn about the many  different wild animals that call Oklahoma home

Week 7  -  Tadpoles, Crayfish, and Turtles, Oh My! Explore the world of pond life

Week 8  -  It's a Wonderful World You never know what you might  find in the beautiful fields